This is where I can guide you through the process of clarifying your ideas as well as defining, assessing, and planning the project at hand in the following steps:

1. Define the project. (ie: logo, website, branding, etc.)

2. Define the problem you intend this project to solve by listing specific goals and current obstacles.
(ie: increase client flow, reach a broader audience, communicate a higher degree of professionalism, etc.)
The solution is only as good as your understanding of the problem.

3. Assessment:  Strengths and weaknesses of current approach, and does the project solve the problem?  (If not, I will help you develop an effective strategy.)

4. Discuss the ideas you have for the project:  Your personal aesthetic and examples of projects you feel inspired by, existing content, graphics, or design elements you wish to build upon.

5. Logistics:  Project cost, projected date of completion, overview of my workflow process and what is expected of the client throughout that process (if you are working with me).

I include this as the initial consultation in my web design & build package as well as the logo design package.  I do offer this consultation independently for other projects you may simply need outside support with.