Whether you do it yourself, or hire someone like me, maintenance is essential to maintain quick load time and accurate rendering, as well as to support SEO and prevent glitches caused by incompatibilities with evolving browsers and devices.  And a few more things on top of that.

The 3 primary components of website maintenance are:


Maintenance intervals are also a good time to give a little love to the SEO strategies of your site, as SEO is constantly evolving.

  1. Updates keep your WordPress software, WordPress theme, and plugins running smoothly and communicating effectively with each other as well as with all browsers and devices.
  2. On the web, as in life, things happen.  Keeping up to date backups (at intervals relative to how often your site is changing) is the best way to keep your site protected from server crashes, software glitches, user (client) editing errors, or hacking.
  3. Security, of course, is designed to prevent the latter from happening.  Hackers hack for all manner of reasons, many of which have little concern for the size or subject of a website.  Hacking can have effects that range from lagging load time, to solicitous or elicit content posted to your site, to the complete a crash and loss of all content.  It costs far less to prevent hacking than it does to recover from it.