This service involves our collaboration to generate a home page design that effectively represents and communicates the message of your organization.

The process begins with the project consultation where the objectives and ideas for the design are defined.  These will inform the completion of 3 viable home page concepts for you to choose from in our second meeting.  

In this second meeting I will gather final drafts of your site’s content (unless you have hired me to write it), including copy and images.

Following this meeting I will finalize your home page design and integrate your content. All images or graphics you provide will be refined, touched-up, and edited as needed to maintain continuity and reflect the professionalism of your site. 

Additionally, basic graphic design is included with your site, which includes simple graphics such as custom buttons or links, page accents, and the like.

More complex graphic designs, if desired for your site, will be completed separately and billed at my hourly rate for general design.

As part of the finalization process of your site, I will integrate basic SEO strategies to ensure that your site is indexed by the major browsers.  If relevant, a more extensive SEO campaign can be discussed in our third meeting, and executed at my hourly rate for general development.

Finally, in our third meeting we will finalize all elements and edits, review your published site, and I will set you up with your user account for accessing and editing your site’s content as well as walk you through the process of doing so.

Any additional elements you wish to add to the site that are not included within the given package, such as e-commerce, client scheduling applications, web forms, etc., can be discussed at this time and completed at the hourly rate.